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Located in the heart of Houston, Texas, and with more than 35 years of experience in defending the rights of their clients, Chenkin Law Firm honors the attorney/client privilege code ensuring your case will be handled professionally and always as a top priority. Chenkin Law Firm has been specializing in criminal defense, personal injury, pharmaceuticals, and business and commercial litigation for over 35 years. Chenkin Law Firm believes there is no “minor” criminal charge because any charge from drug crimes to murder is serious with high stakes that could forever change your life.

Chenkin Law Firm will stand up and fight for your rights. We will not back down to the intimidation by the prosecution and we will find flaws in the case and work hard to make sure those flaws are not used as a means to convict. We will investigate and find witnesses to help your case and provide the best defense possible no matter the crime. If you are charged with a crime and need the best criminal defense lawyer in Houston, Texas contacting Chenkin Law Firm is the best gift you can give yourself. This firm has years of experience in defending:

• Drug crimes

• Violent crimes

• Murder


• • BWI

Sex Crimes

• Internet Crimes

Even if your charge does not fit within these parameters, contact Chenkin Law Firm anyway. You can believe they have seen it all in almost 40 years of practicing criminal defense.

Drug crimes in Texas are heavily prosecuted, therefore it is important to contact Chenkin Law Firm immediately. The laws can be confusing and if you don’t understand your rights and how the state works you could find yourself facing a much more severe penalty without adequate representation.

A murder charge is incredibly difficult to handle from attempted murder to vehicular manslaughter and everything in between the charge is serious and the State of Texas is very severe on offenders even before being tried. It is best to hire Chenkin Law Firm immediately so you can get fair representation from day one.

Crime is a serious charge and the system is not flawless. Having a legal representative like Chenkin Law Firm on your side immediately can save you from being given major fines and sentences that do not fit the crime. There is also a lot of pressure for the State to “solve” a crime and they will bully people to get that conviction. Protect yourself immediately by hiring Chenkin Law Firm who has over 35 years of experience in defending people against crimes such as drugs and murder.

Our founder and attorney Ira Chenkin has over 300 dismissals and not guilty verdicts in his career!

Contact us, or call us at (713) 224-7472 to fight for you today!


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